Why choose Firewood? Why choose a sustainable fuel?

“Firewood is the natural sustainable choice of fuel for domestic fires – in use since the first fire many millennia ago. When we warm our homes with wood, we participate in a natural cycle and an ongoing continuum of activity that we share with ancient ancestors. I am amazed at the number of country people who don’t have fires, whether open log fires or woodburning stoves, because they are “too dirty” or “too much work”.

In fact the procedure of building and lighting the fire is one of my favourite jobs of the day, and I love handling and preparing the firewood. I am not one to pursue a life where all comfort comes from the flick of a switch.


The Benefits Of Burning Kiln Dried Logs

  • Burning kiln dried logs reduces the environmental impact, as they burn more efficiently then unseasoned wood.
  • Burning wet wood increases emissions and has a greater impact on air quality by creating more smoke. Applicances are generally dirtier when burning wet wood and you need more wood for the same warmth.
  • Kiln dried logs give more heat output for each log then unseasoned wood.


Why Choose Us?

Aubourn firewood offer a wide range of very high quality products, and the best value for money in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire for your firewood, coal and kindling.  All our wood is sourced from locally managed woodlands no more than 40 miles from our yard in Besthorpe. Logs and kindling are processed and kiln dried on site and delivered by us 20 miles from our site keeping the footprint to a minimal on all our products

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The Minimum order value for online orders is £65.00, for orders below this you will not be able to complete the purchase at the checkout.
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