Why choose Firewood? Why choose a sustainable fuel?

“Firewood is the natural sustainable choice of fuel for domestic fires – in use since the first fire many millennia ago. When we warm our homes with wood, we participate in a natural cycle and an ongoing continuum of activity that we share with ancient ancestors. I am amazed at the number of country people who don’t have fires, whether open log fires or woodburning stoves, because they are “too dirty” or “too much work”. In fact the procedure of building and lighting the fire is one of my favourite jobs of the day, and I love handling and preparing the firewood. I am not one to pursue a life where all comfort comes from the flick of a switch.

Wood fuelled the open fires of the hunter-gatherers, the brick ovens of the first bakers, and, until the 19th century, all homes. We love to sit in front of a fire and watch its magical flames speak to us and warm our souls. Have you noticed that when the TV is switched off everyone stares at the fire? And watching a fire is certainly far more relaxing than watching TV! Fires inspire intimate conversation.

When we come in from the cold, we are drawn to the fire. No other fuel is as alive.

The ability to burn wood for heat in your home gives you more freedom and options for fuel. You are no longer dependent on large energy utilities and multinational corporations who may or may not be able to supply power and fuel. Even if you have to buy in your logs at least you are supporting your local economy.”

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Minimum Order Value

The Minimum order value for online orders is £65.00, for orders below this you will not be able to complete the purchase at the checkout.

Why Choose Us?

facebookThe best value kiln dried logs in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. With an average moisture content below 20% Be sure to burn the driest wood in your stove. 

ALL kiln dried products are bsl authorised.

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HandCrafted Fire Basket

We have a unique handcrafted firepit for sale, made entirely from horse shoes, it makes an eye catching garden feature as well as a great way to keep warm in the evening. Standing at 740mm high, and 760mm wide (940mm incl handles) and for sale at £150. Other firepits are available made to order, for more details email: sam@aubournfirewood.co.uk

horse shoe fire basket

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